Never Deal With Spent Acid Solution Again


PRO • pHx Acid Life Extender Restores Spent Acid
And Extends The Acid Life Indefinitely.

Celebrating Our 16th Year In Business!


P2 Environmental Solution Never Deal With Spent Acid Solutions Again.

Galvanizing, Anodizing, Electroplating, Wire and Rod Plants, Steel Mills, Circuit Board Printing, Gravures & All Industries Requiring Acids. PRO • pHx Provides an Answer for the High Cost of Acid Disposal & Acid Replacement For Industry's Acids Used in Activation, Passivation, Stripping, Pickling, Electropolishing & Cleaning.

Effective in the following Acids and Acid Blends including:

Acidic & Phosphoric & Nitric Hydrochloric / Muratic
Sulfuric Nitric
Citric Phosphoric
Nitric & Ammonium Bifluoride Acid Salts
Nitric & Phosphoric Sulfuric & Oxalic
Sulfuric & Phosphoric Hydrochloric & Acid Salts
Nitric & Hydrofluoric Sulfuric & Hydrofluoric
Tri-acid Acidic/ Phosphoric/Nitric

Dry Salts: The dosages work just the same as with the liquid measure. Add 1% PRO • pHx of total tank volume at makeup. Add 1% PRO • pHx to the calculated liquid volume of future additions. For example: Your client uses acid salts at 2 ounces per Liter. For every 2 ounces of acid salts added, use .02 Liters of PRO • pHx.

Effective in controlling the build up of Organics and Metals including:

Aluminum Cobalt Nickel
Antimony Copper Silicon
Arsenic Iron Silver
Barium Lead Thallium
Boron Magnesium Titanium
Cadmium Manganese Vanadium
Calcium Mercury Zinc
Chromium Molybdenum  

Using PRO • pHx In Your System

  • Eliminates Acid Dumps
  • Reduces Acid Make Up Requirements
  • Reduces Filter Cake in Waste Treatment


Featured PRO • pHx Clients Include: Bekaert, GE, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Mitsubishi, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Square D,  Tyco, Waukesha Bearings, YKK (International) and many others worldwide.

Benefits of Using PRO • pHx In Acids

  • Extends Acid Life Indefinitely
  • Eliminates Costly Disposal Methods
    • No Caustic for Neutralization of Dumps
    • No Off site (Pump & Haul) Disposal
  • Reduces Make Up Acid
  • Maintains Acids At Optimum Effectiveness
    • Controls Metals Buildup
    • Eliminates Organic Buildup & Oily Surface Film
  • Requires Minor Capital Investment (Simple Filtration)
  • Convenient, Cost Effective In-House Application
    • Requires No Production Down Time for Treatment or Dumping
  • No Unpleasant Odor When Introduced Into Acid
    • Helps To "Close the Loop"
    • Allows Closed Loop Water Recycling of Rinse Water
  • Eliminates Environmental Issues Associated With Disposal
    • Reduces Dissolved Solids to Waste Treatment
    • Reduces Solid Waste Generation Volume
    • Reduces TSS & TDS Loads to UF & RO Polishing Systems
  • May Result in "Small Generator" Classification for RCRA Wastes
  • Captures Operating Costs as Profit

PRO • pHx Maintained Acids Continue To Perform As New INDEFINITELY

PRO • pHx Reagent Chemistry drops metals, organics and impurities out of solution which build up the pickling, stripping, activation, passivation and cleaning process. This "frees up" the remaining available acid in solution, extending the acid life indefinitely, decreasing the quantity of new acid necessary to maintain the desired dilution of acid to water ratio. The only replacement acid necessary is the small amount lost during drag out, evaporation and production. Filtration is necessary. Acid Spikes are necessary.

When PRO • pHx is added to acid in the ratio of 1% to the total acid / water volume, the treatment drops metals, organics and impurities which build up in the acid during the pickling process out of solution. Filtration removes the impurities from the acid. The only additional acid needed is the small amount of replacement acid ("Acid Spike") necessary to replace the acid lost during production drag out and evaporation.

PRO • pHx Provides a First Generation Answer
For The High Cost of Acid and Acid Disposal.

PRO • pHx Is Inorganic, Odorless Treatment And Has No Fumes Or Outgassing.
Meets OSHA-20 Non - Hazardous Specifications.

NON - TOXIC    •    NON - FLAMMABLE    •    NON - ACID    •    NON - HAZARDOUS



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