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The History Channel's, modern marvels "The History of Acids."

Modern Marvels under "The History of Acids," features Allbright Electropolishing in Clearwater, Florida, and shows how Allbright eliminated acid disposal and now recycles their rinse water using PRO • pHx.

Technically Speaking - Metal Finishing Magazine - June, 2010

Reducing Operational Costs, Environmental Impact Via Rigorous Plating/Finishing Analysis

Written by Dave Fister, Senior Staff Engineer, The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. This third party R&D features PRO • pHx as a P2, cost effective solution for the elimination of acid disposal.

JASCO uses PRO-pHx to meet EMS & improve profits & save resources.

JASCO is committed to protecting the environment, complying with regulations and continually improving and providing a safe and healthy facility for our employees and neighbors. JASCO's on-going goals are to integrate environmental considerations into all operations and to increase profitability.

Clean, Economical Electropolishing - Products Finishing Magazine - May, 2007

Allbright Electropolishing Achieves Zero Discharge with PRO • pHx.
Allbright closed-loop & recycled their rinse waters while eliminating acid disposal all together using PRO • pHx. Shutting off their atmospheric evaporator saved over $500 a month in electricity alone. The Florida DEP reclassified Allbright from a Large-Quantity Generator to a Small-Quantity Generator.

"The Acid Test!" - Clean Tech Magazine - April, 2005

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data, industry in the U.S.A. uses and disposes of more than six billion gallons per year of various acids to pickle, clean, activate or passivate metal and plastic surfaces. The very best option for the situation is a P2 (Pollution Prevention) approach where the acids are never disposed of but continuos use allows them to perform indefinitely. That's what the acid test solution accomplishes, Zero Acid Disposal.

"Environmentally Friendly Acid Extender Really Works!"
Plating & Surfacing Finishing Magazine - March 2005

Researched & Proven - "Environmentally Friendly Acid Extender Really Works!"
R&D Technical Data from the New York State Empire Group
"Study Shows Acid Extender Really Works! Two finishing job shops in New York have tested a proprietary product developed to treat and extend acid solutions used in surface finishing operations. The results of their studies prove that, when used as directed, the product is effective as an environmentally friendly acid life extender cost savings technique."

Long Live Acid Baths! - Products Finishing Magazine

"Normally the return on an investment is realized in years, not weeks. However, after adding the acid regeneration chemistry, the return on investment was two weeks."

"ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES Acid Pickle - Miracle Drug!!"
Australia Surface Finishing Journal – September 2006

By: Darrell J Reeve MD, Cleaner Production Australia, Chair UNEP Metal Finishing Network. It provides for more efficient use of resources, reduces waste at the source, reduces wasteful effluent treatment and offers possible resale of valuable bi-products. It is compatible with typical existing metal finishing lines, is economically feasible, socially acceptable and environmentally friendly.

Pollution Prevention P2 - Eliminate Acid Disposal - It's Environmental - It's Profitable

Imagine - - - Never Disposing of An Acid Bath Again. As unbelievable as it might seem, it is true. How is this possible? Look to inorganic chemistry and the life's work of an innovative chemist, Dr. John C. Wagner. Galvanizers, Anodizers, Electroplaters, all metal finishers can use their existing acids indefinitely. Acid waste and disposal is eliminated. Productivity stabilizes and current operating costs become savings captured as profits.

"PRO • pHx- Plus for Economy and Ecology" - Galvanotechnik Magazine - February 2005

Europe's oldest-established Metal Finishing & Surface Treatment Technical Journal.
( This article is published in German and is being translated into English.)

Technical Data prepared by Art Galvanizing Works - 06/02/04 - 10/01/04

Two identical acid baths were monitored. One used PRO • pHx Acid Life Extender and the second tank was untreated and ran as usual until contaminated and required disposal (approximately every two weeks). The PRO • pHx maintained bath never required disposal.

Lean & Green American Galvanizers' Association - AGA Article

Prepared by: C. Tom Philipp, President PRO • pHx, Inc.501-760-6266

"Elimination of Acid Dumps" - American Galvanizers’ Association Tech Forum 2004

This White Paper features 5 Case Histories of galvanizing companies using PRO • pHx for more than 4 years. Economic and environmental benefits have been substantiated by plant operating personnel and documented to show benefits include saving money, improving production quality and environmentally provided an minimization of waste generated.

AESF Aerospace / Airline Plating Forum - Tulsa, OK - March 29th 2004

Presentation and White Paper by C.T. (Tom) Philipp, P.E.
This paper features Case Histories from ten (10) plants / shops who reduced waste, enhanced production quality and lowered operating costs by cutting unnecessary costs and reducing environmental liabilities from using PRO • pHx.

PRO • pHx and Pollution Prevention (P2) Technologies.
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)

"PRO • pHxfalls squarely into the upper tiers of the P2 pyramid."
"Purchase of the necessary equipment to operate this technology would fall under one of Arkansas laws that allows tax exemptions for 'pollution abatement' equipment," and, "also qualify for small business low interest loans from ADEQ for the same 'pollution abatement' equipment rationale."

SGP (Strategic Goals Program) March Magazine - Spotlight on Acid Elimination

"Returned their investment in just two weeks"
"Last year, their acid disposal was zero"

The National Metal Finishing Strategic Program is a voluntary program that encourages companies to meet environmental targets by 2002. The program offers incentives, assistance tools and means for removing regulatory and policy barriers to achieve these environmental goals. For more information, please call (703) 354-2172.

South Carolina DHEC April Newsletter - Case Study

Waste Reduction and Annual Savings
Table1: Amplate Waste Reduction

Years Acid Bath Disposal, lbs Hazerdous Waste Generated, lbs. Hazerdous Waste Disposed Costs Acid and Caustic Purchases
1991 11,025 13,495 $10,201 $5,895
2001 0 11,700 $3,891 $2,358

It should be noted that all the reductions in waste generation & water conservation were achieved despite a fourfold increase in total production.

North Carolina DENR Waste Minimization - Pollution Prevention Highlight

"Acid bath enhancement extends plater's bottom line"
"PRO • pHx appears to be a win-win product by extending acid bath life, minimizing the frequency of acid replacement, and decreasing the expense of hazardous waste handling and disposal."

North Carolina Focus AESF Newsletter - PRO • pHx Acid Life Extender

"The process involves introducing a decarboxylation product which causes contaminating metals, organic materials and other unwanted ingredients to become encapsulated and precipitate as inert silicates. This precipitate, which is easily filtered, purifies the acid bath and extends the acid life dramatically."

One Year with Zero Acid Disposal - November, 2001

"Using PRO • pHx we have regenerated all acid strips, pickling and activators tanks successfully. NO acid has been replaced THIS YEAR other than for normal drag out. One of our acid baths life has been extended 26 times normal to date and currently appears to have a potential to extend indefinitely. Another of our acids is more than 24 months old and behaves like new."

Clean Water Recycled From In-House Chemistry

"The metals were being released from the water and filtering out of the recycled water. As with the carbon bed, it became a waste of time, material, energy and equipment to continue running the system. Since October, 2001 Amplate has replaced their expensive equipment and maintenance by the use of PRO • pHx and now recycles their rinse water with the addition of reagent chemistry."

"Bathing Beauties" - Thomas Regional Industry Market Trends - February 2003

"These Baths Last Forever."
PRO • pHx: "The result was unusual longevity—many acid baths have passed the 20-month mark and still remain strong. "




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