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Are You A First Time PRO • pHx User?

Here are a few tips along with the answers to our most
Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Add PRO • pHx at 1 % to the total acid / water tank volume and filter.

  • PRO • pHx may not be effective at concentrations considerably below 0.5 % (one half of one percent).

  • Do not add water to a PRO • pHx treated acid bath without first titrating to calculate the proper amount of acid and/or water required for proper acid strength.

  • Dry Salts: The dosages work just the same as with the liquid measure. Add 1% PRO • pHx of total tank volume at makeup. Add 1% PRO • pHx to the calculated liquid volume of future additions. For example: Your client uses acid salts at 2 ounces per Liter. For every 2 ounces of acid salts added, use .02 Liters of PRO • pHx.

  • Usually the evaporation and drag out rates will exceed the volume of acid required for spike back. If this does not occur, check to see if operators are adding water to the tank. Dilution of acids may also occur if the dwell time over the pre acid rinse is less than the dwell time over the acid.

  • Spiking the acid bath regularly is necessary to maintain strong and clean acids. A very small amount of acid seems to reactivate the filterable results and maintains acids at optimum effectiveness.

  • Monitor tank to determine if the tank can have scheduled acids spikes, I.E. 10 G of acid each 3 days, each 5 days or each 10 days. It is easier to calculate how quickly the PRO • pHx treatment is being consumed, if you record the gallons of acid being spiked back into the tank.

  • Add PRO • pHx at 1% to the total acid / water volume added back to the tank. This maintains the total PRO • pHx additive strength at 1%.

  • Find the filter size for your needs. The micron size needed can vary from 1 to 75 micron with different metals compositions. We see 5 - 20 micron being used most often, however, filtration requirements will vary. If the filter is not building a filter cake, then the filter size may be too large. If the filter clogs immediately, then use a larger size micron. Once a contaminated acid is treated with PRO • pHx and filtered clean, you may want to use a smaller micron for even cleaner acids. Determining the optimum filtration may take a little experimentation.

  • Continuous filtration is highly recommended but not a necessity. PRO • pHx is a time lapsed reaction. Most results will not be seen for 1 to 3 days after adding PRO • pHx. Metals dissolved today are most likely being filtered from the acid in 2 to 3 days - not today. Organics may show a reaction in 0 to 2 days.

  • Filter cake can vary from a paste to a gel and can vary in color from black to white and the texture may vary from granular to a thick sludge, depending on the contaminates removed.

  • If the filtration has been building a thick cake and this cake thins down without any major change in the production, try spiking a small amount of acid to the tank. This often reactivates the filtration performance of the treated acid.

  • Mechanical or air agitation is not necessary but seems to be of some assistance. Avoid severe agitation as it may create a surface foam.

  • PRO • pHx will not restore contaminated acids to unused, new acid; PRO • pHx will restore contaminated acids to similar to a 2 - 4 day old acid strength and purity.

  • Organics that sometime float to the surface of the acid rinse off easily and to date have not caused a down line plating problem. They may appear as a thin film, jell or foam. This filters out of the bath with no adverse effects on plating results.

  • Small amounts of PRO • pHx may make their way to the plating tank through drag out and have no effect whatsoever on plating quality or bath titrations. In fact, some companies filter their rinse water after adding small amounts of PRO • pHx to removal of metals and organics (this eliminates the need for carbon treatment in recycling systems) as part of their wastewater treatment. Contact us if you'd like more information about wastewater treatment.

  • In all production operations to this point PRO • pHx has removed every type of organics and metals encountered in solution. Do not add PRO • pHx to an acid bath containing friendly metals or organics such as Zinc Chromates.

  • PRO • pHx is non-toxic.
    No gassing occurs and no odor is evident when using PRO • pHx

  • Warning:  PRO • pHx is not recommended for use in a heated tank requiring Teflon coated heaters.  Over time, the Teflon will become brittle when submerged in liquids containing PRO • pHx.




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