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A Few Of Our Satisfied Customers.

Albright Electropolishing
All-Brite Anodizing Company
Alliance Finishing
Aluminum Hard Coat
Ambrake Mfg. Ltd
American Quality Stripping
Amplate, Inc.
Art Galvanizing Works, Inc.
Atlas Galvanizing, LLC
Birkshire Manufacturing
Burbank Plating
California Metal Finishing
Canadian Finishing Systems
Cedar Valley Electroplating
Cleveland Black Oxide
Coastal Mulitchrome
Coating Technology Inc.
Colson Caster, Inc.
Cooper Hand Tools
Consolidated Metal Technology
Crane Army & Munition Activity
Dana Corporation
Del's Plating Services
Delta Faucet
Denver Metal Finishing
Duglas & Bowers Plating Co.
Douglass Metal Finishing
DMV Stainless USA, Inc.
Hiawatha Metalcraft Inc.
D & W Plating
Eaton Aerospace LLC
Electro-Coatings of Iowa
Electro-Coatings of Texas
Elite Metal Finishing
Galv Cast
Keating Gravure

Indendence Plating
Industrial Electroplating
Jamestown Electro Plating
Librandi’s Plating
Max Daetwyler
McKay’s Plating
Metal Impact Corporation
Metal Plate Polishing, Inc.
Metform, LLC
Mid South Wire
Mirror Finish and Polish
Missouri MPP
MPP Illinois
Pelton & Crane
Piper Impact
Pratt Whitney
Precision Industries Inc.
Pure Metal Galvanizing
PM Industries
Quality Assured Plating
Quality Metal Finishing
Quality Rolling & Deburring
Ram Manufacturing
Saproita Finishing Co.
Skild Plating
St. Mary's Galvanizing
Stratford Metal Finishing
Swage Lock-Kenmore
Sun Metal Finishing
Technical Plating & Rubber
Thermal Metals
Thomas & Betts
Turbine Welds, Inc.
Twist, Inc.
Universal Form Clamp
Vanguard Metal Technologies
Weld Racing
Zataene, Chile

. . . And Many Others Including International Sales in Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, S. Korea & India

Amplate, Inc
Charlotte, NC
David French, President

"Using PRO • pHx we have regenerated all acid strips, pickling and activators tanks successfully. We have seven plating lines and treat all metal substrates except Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings. With PRO • pHx NO acid has been replaced since November, 2000, other than for normal drag out and evaporation. One of our acid baths life has been extended 30 times it's normal life to date and currently appears to have a potential to extend indefinitely. Another of our acids is more than 24 months old and behaves like new. "We have reduced our acid usage and disposal by more than 90% and have saved tens of thousands of dollars acid replacement and disposal cost in year 2001 alone."

Uses 5, 10 & 50 Micron Filters On Various Lines

Cleveland Black Oxide
Cleveland, OH
Ken Schultz, President

"In August (2001) we took a six month old bath (muriatic at 15%), and restored it by using PRO • pHx . This same acid bath is like new today. "The bath was very contaminated. The tank itself was in bad shape. It had oil and grime on the sides and bottom. The tank and the acid were in very bad shape, completely contaminated.

"We added PRO • pHx and within 4 days of constant filtering, the bath was clean and the acid was like new. The bath stays clean. The effectiveness of the acid is much improved, as we continue to use it without contaminates building up. The waste cost is zero. PRO • pHx definitely performs for us exactly as claimed. The acid is working great! The cost of PRO • pHx is insignificant when compared to the time and money it is saving us."

Uses 10 Micron Filters

Coating Technology, Inc
Rochester, NY
Stan Dahle, Chairman

"We believe PRO • pHx is the solution to one of the most serious issues facing our industry, the purification of acids used in metal finishing."

D & W Plating
Memphis, TN
Jimmy Walker, President
Bob Mansel - Laboratory Manager

D & W Plating started using PRO • pHx during July 2003 on one 1,000 gal HCl tank and later a second 1,000 gal HCl tank, a 3,000 gal HCl tank and a 750 gal HNO3 tank. Plating processes include rack and barrel operations for Zn, Ni and Cr. D & W Plating reports the following over a 6 month period: Caustic consumption down 34.5% HCl consumption down 74.0% Hazardous waste generation down 34.0%

D & W has not waste treated the 4 acid tanks to date.

Quality Rolling & Deburring Company, Inc.
Thomaston, CN
Edward Maccio, Line Supervisor
Lisa Clark, Environmental Manager

We were so confident in PRO • pHx , we decided to disassemble the recycle system and rebuild it to include only PRO • pHx neutralization and filtration.

Skild Plating Corp.
Chicago, IL
Gary Weincouff, President

"When we first heard about PRO • pHx , we were very eager to try it and we have not been disappointed. We have eliminated all acid disposal from the very first day we started using PRO • pHx . We are reducing our F - 006 waste by 43%. Our labor and treatment of the past has vanished. We consider ourselves as one step closer to the new proposed MP&M regulations."

Uses 5 Micron Filters On All 8 Acid Baths

Thermal Metal Treating, Inc.
Aberdeen, NC
Mark Scott, Vice President

Thermal Metal Treating, Inc. has been using PRO • pHx since October 2001. Prior to using the PRO • pHx additive, measurable levels of chrome showed up in the subsequent rinse tanks in the stainless steel black oxide line. Zinc was also measurable throughout the rinse system on the ferrous line. Since using the PRO • pHx additive there is no measurable chrome in the rinse systems, and the tanks have never needed to be dumped. The addition of PRO • pHx to these systems have resulted in significant reductions in hazardous waste and system downtime.

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