PRO•pHx White Papers


The following R&D and Case Studies have been presented as White Papers at Industry Forums, Conferences and Events:

American Wire Association:

Wire Journal International Magazine:

Acid Purification Technology Offers Multiple Advantages

Wire Plants are more efficient when using PRO • pHx

American Galvanizing Association (AGA):

AGA 2011 TECHFORUM - White Paper

2007 AGA Conference Kleingard Curve

2004 AGA Conference 2/28/06

Aluminum Anodizing Council(AAC):

Significant Cost Savings with Filtration & Purification


AESF Conference PRO-pHx Technology and Simple Filtration Systems For Zero Discharge of Acid and Rinses.


Clean, Economical Electropolishing

Aerospace / Airline Plating Forum:

Lean & Green Manufacturing

Case Studies:

Thermal Metal Treating

Amplate, Inc.

Quality Rolling & Deburring




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