Zero Acid Disposal


Keep The Acids You Are Currently Using

You can keep your current acid and never dispose of an acid bath again!

From the first day you add PRO • pHx to your acids, you eliminate acid disposal. This means Zero Acid Disposal!

You also reduce your current acid consumption by 70 - 90% annually. This provides for Add Back or "Acid Spikes" in the range of 10% per month (which generally makes up for drag out and evaporation). This may vary as your drag out, evaporation and production requirements demand.

The PRO • pHx Maintainence Is Simple.
1) Treat. 2) Filter. 3) Titrate and spike as required

Do this, and you will never dispose of a tank of acid again. 1) Add PRO • pHx to the acid at 1% of the total acid / water volume. 2) Filter acids [ongoing] 3) Titrate the acid and spike the weekly as required to maintain acid strength. PRO • pHx will be added at 1% of the volume of the acid spike.

Filtration Is Necessary. 5 to 10 micron is used most often but filtration can vary from 1 to 75 micron.

Amplate Celebrates Two Years Without Acid Disposal

This is the photo used in the PF Magazine article of the
two year old acids which are still performing like new.

The acids are clearer than the photo indicates.

Read the article here

Left Beaker: Nitric Acid (previously disposed of approximately every 6 months)
was first treated with PRO • pHx, 3/28/01, and used continuously since that date.

Right Beaker: Hydrochloric Acid (previously disposed of each 7 to 10 days) was
first treated with PRO • pHx, November 21, 2000, and used continuously since that date.
(This acid is 2 years old as of November, 2002.)

The Nitric Acid is approximately 2 & 1/2 years old. The HCL will be 2 years old on November 21, 2002, and it has been used approximately 16 hours a day, five days a week since treating with PRO • pHx in November, 2000. The HCL acid bath perviously lasted 7 to 10 days before disposal was required and this acid was completely spent and ready for disposal before it was treated, restored and has been in continuos use since.

Zero Acid Disposal

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) provides most information required to successfully treat and maintain acids.





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