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Technical Summary PRO • pHx

August 8th 2,003

Quality Rolling & Deburring Co., Inc. has been using PRO • pHx since 3-1-03. PRO • pHx has been used as an additive in two applications: in an HCl acid bath for zinc barrel plating and in a water reuse system. The HCl bath is 220 gallons. Prior to using the PRO • pHx additive, measurable levels of iron showed up in the rinses (requiring them to be cleaned as often as the HCl was dumped) and in the zinc plating bath (which required 2-3 weekly KMnO4 treatments). Additionally, the HCl tank was dumped 2-3 times per week. Since using the PRO • pHx additive there has been little if any iron measured in the rinses (they now get cleaned 1-2 times per month) and the plating bath only needs 1 KMnO4 treatment every 1-2 weeks. The only required maintenance needed is to continuously filter the acid tank with a single chamber 20" 10 micron system that gets changed weekly and to remove acid from the tank to make room for periodic maintenance adds of fresh HCl. The addition of PRO • pHx to the acid tank has resulted in less waste generated and greatly reduced the labor involved in preventative maintenance.

Additionally, the PRO • pHx was added to the water recycling system on the same Zinc Barrel Plating line. The water being recycled is from the alkaline cleaning rinses and the pickling tank rinses. The original system consisted of neutralization, clarification, sand filtration and electrocoagulation. The electrocoagulation unit was taken off line and the PRO • pHx was added at 0.25% of the total volume. Prior to introducing the PRO • pHx, visible oil could be seen on the surface of the rinse water. After adding PRO • pHx, this oil was no longer visible. The PRO • pHx was used in the recycle system for two months and was found to work very well. This is based on observation only. The rinses were clearer, cleaner and had less oil. After two months, we were so confident in the PRO • pHx that we decided to disassemble the recycle system and re-build it to include only PRO • pHx, neutralization and filtration. The clarifier, sandfilter, and electro-coagulation units in the system are being taken out in order to simplify the process. Once the system is re-built, we will begin using PRO • pHx again as our primary treatment process for the recycling system.

Edward S. Maccio, Jr
Line Supervisor
Quality Rolling & Deburring Co.

Lisa A. Clark
Environmental Manager
Quality Rolling & Deburring Co.




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