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A Solution For Industries Requiring Acid Baths

Galvanizing, Electroplating, Anodizing, Wire, Rod & Steel Mills

Use PRO • pHx to Maintain Acids at Maximum Effectiveness
When Used as Directed PRO • pHx Extends Acid Life Indefinitely

A Simple Maintenance "Rule of Thumb" Is To
Spike Acids Weekly, Maintain PRO • pHx at 1% and Filter Regularly

Add & Maintain PRO - pHx at 1%
PRO • pHx is introduced into the acid bath at 1% to the total

tank volume (acid & water) and then PRO • pHx is maintained at 1% to all acid & water introduced (spiked) into the bath.

     On going filtration is suggested. Use effective filtration.
Spike Acids Weekly
     Titrate acids and return acids to strength at least weekly.

Application Is Simple; Add PRO • pHx at 1% to Acid and Filter.
Effective results requires approximately a 1% ratio of PRO • pHx to the total acid / water volume and effective filtration.

Filtration is necessary. Filtration requirements may vary from 1 to 100 micron, with 5, 10 and 50 micron being used most often. First application of PRO • pHx to a contaminated acid may cause a foam or gel film to appear on the surface. This means the reaction is occurring as expected. It will dissipate over the first hours of the application and effective filtration will remove this from the acid. Once the acids are restored to their optimum range of a 2 to 3 day old acid bath, this will not reoccur unless large amounts of organics are reintroduced into the treated bath. Effective filtration is necessary. A general statement is that the less organics (coatings) introduced into the acid, the smaller the micron requirement. The fewer metals introduced into the acid, the smaller the micron requirement. As an example, Copper only in an acid metal may require 1 to 5 micron filtration. Clean Iron, Zinc & Aluminum parts may require 5 or 10 micron filtration. Cast Iron with coatings may require 50 or 75 micron filters. Ongoing filtration is suggested but may not be necessary for smaller baths. (They may require filtration only a few hours each day or each week.) An acid bath that last one week, two weeks or one month, has more requirement for filtration that a bath that last six months without PRO • pHx. Find the filtration that best suits your production and acid conditions. There is no reason to stop the production line when adding PRO • pHx or while filtering. It seems to have no adverse reaction on the end result plating quality. It simply stabilizes the acid so they behave as a first week old acid. You will become familiar with the behavior of the PRO • pHx additive to your acids after a few weeks. To date we have not had a treated bath fail when suggested maintenance is followed (See the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions). The quality of the plating results will be optimized because the acid will provide the consistency and strength of a 2 to 3 day old acid.

Spike Acids Weekly
Maintenance Requires Ongoing Acid Spikes.
Titrate the acid at least weekly and restore the acid strength. The adds of fresh acid are normally necessary to replace the acid lost through drag out and evaporation during production. It is also necessary to maintain treated acids at optimum acid strength. You will find each time you add fresh acid to the treated bath, the filter residue will be greater than before the acid spike.

No Down Time
Treated Acids May Be Used Immediately Upon Adding PRO • pHx.

No down time is required. Filter treated acids. The small amount of foam or a film on the bath surface has no adverse effect on the plating production. It rinses off during the rinse cycle and is not carried down line to the plating tank. Effective filtration will remove the foam or film from the surface of the acid bath. (See the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions)

A General Rule
The more contaminated a used acid is, the more filter cake will be caught in filtration. If you are spiking acids weekly, you will notice the filter captures larger volumes of filter cake or sludge after the fresh spike of acid. If your filtration is not pulling the usual amount of sludge, this is often an indication the acid requires a small amount of fresh acid. If you spike the acid and no residue is captured on the filter then add additional PRO • pHx. PRO • pHx is not effective below 1/2% ratio to the total acid/water in a bath. If the metals numbers begin to climb and the acid spike does not affect this result then this is an indication that the amount of PRO • pHx has fallen below 1/2% to the acid/water ratio. Do not forger that drag in from the rinse tank can dilute the acid. Do account for drag in when calculating the 1% of PRO • pHx being added to the total bath volume.

All PRO pHx Additions After The First Application:
Maintain PRO • pHx At 1% to the total acid / water volume
Keep track of your acid spikes and maintain PRO • pHx at 1% to the total acid / water volume added back to the tank.

PRO • pHx is not effective at less than 1/2%. Maintain PRO • pHx at 1% to the total acid bath volume of acid & water to insure productive acids.



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