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PRO-phx Technical Data

On going maintenance is required for the PRO- pHx chemistry to indefinitely extend the productive life of treated acid baths. Maintenance includes: 1) PRO-pHx treatment 2) Effective filtration 3) Analyze the acid and spike tomaintain strength, at least weekly.

  1. Treatment: Add PRO-pHx at 1% to the total acid/water bath volume for initial makeup. To maintain, add new acid at least weekly and 1%
    PRO-pHx based on the added acid volume only.
  2. Filtration: Filtration is required. Ideal bath turnover rates vary from 1/2 to 4 turnovers per hour. Filtration can be effective at slower turnover rates. Find the ideal filter micron size for your needs.
    • The most often-used filtration sizes are 5, 20 and 50 microns. However, filtration may vary from 1 micron to 100 microns. Effective filtration is necessary.
    • If the media clogs quickly during the production runs, filter with a larger micron. If the media does not clog during filtration, filter with a smaller micron.
    • Filtration micron sizes may vary from one bath to another. If numerous metals and large volumes of organics are being introduced into the acid during production, a larger micron size (30 - 50 - 75 micron) may be effective. If primarily metals and no organics are being introduced into the treated acid, then filtration may require 5 microns or smaller. Organics in the acid create a beneficial precoat on the filter media. Metal contaminations create more of a granular sludge on the filter media.
  3. Analyze: Analyze the acid and return the acid to the target strength at least weekly. PRO-pHx will not perform without regular acid spikes. Maintain PRO-pHx at a minimum of a 1% ratio to the total acid volume added to the bath. Establish a maintenance program which provides at least weekly spikes of fresh acid and PRO-pHx, to continue to maintain the catalytic reaction.

PRO-pHx is not effective below a .75% ratio (By Volume) of the total acid bath.
These simple steps will allow acids to be maintained indefinitely with low levels of metals and organics. Please contact us, if you have questions, comments or if anything unusual occurs with your treated acids.



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